Strap is a script to bootstrap a minimal macOS development system. This does not assume you're doing Ruby/Rails/web development but installs the minimal set of software every macOS developer will want.

To Strap your system:
  1. that's been customised for your GitHub user (or view it first). This will prompt for access to your email, public and private repositories; you'll need to provide access to any organizations whose repositories you need to be able to git clone. This is used to add a GitHub access token to the script and is not otherwise used by this web application or stored anywhere.
  2. Run Strap in with bash ~/Downloads/
  3. If something failed, run Strap with more debugging output in with bash ~/Downloads/ --debug and file an issue at
  4. Delete the customised (it has a GitHub token in it) in with rm -f ~/Downloads/
  5. Install additional software with brew install and brew cask install.
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